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Discovery is books—books you love, books that move you, books that will freak you out—plus, it’s all in one place, every month. It’s a place to have fun and join the scores and scores (and hundreds and hundreds) of people, adventurers, lovers, exciting sea captains (not true), and fiction-book-people / film buffs that subscribe and love it.

Some people just say it’s a great newsletter. Some people go nuts over it.

I think you should check it out, it’s free, and the goal is to find everything from New York Times bestsellers and Oscar noms to the quiet stuff you’ve never heard of, and find the ones that’ll move your heart, rip it to pieces, and give you high blood pressure.

It’s a place to discover what’s insightful, beautiful, and deep.

Perks include—

  • Being automatically signed up for future email list giveaways—things like books, giftcards, etc. (think of it like having a lottery ticket that magically renews itself)

  • Books and movies designed for emotional impact: these are the books and movies that make you feel something—heartbreak, thrill, the whole spectrum.

  • I break down the mechanics—why does something work? What are the pieces that make the engine go?

  • Getting the notetaking system from the book “How to Take Notes at the Speed of Light” for free

  • Monthly recommendations, the quickfire list (for when you don’t have time), updates on my creative work, really cool movie scenes in GIF form, and casual updates on life.

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About Mohnish

Mohnish Soundararajan is the author of the upcoming science fiction thriller novel “Signal”, the director and screenwriter for an upcoming independent feature film, “Afterlife”, and was the host and producer of the show, Moonwalk, a highly-produced narrative podcast with over 150,000+ downloads and featured on Apple iTunes New and Noteworthy.

He is the author of “How to Take Notes at the Speed of Light”, the founder of SIGNATURE, and has ghostwritten pieces for The New York Times Blog, VentureBeat, as well as for Lance Armstrong, Aubrey Marcus, and JP Sears in the book, Unlearned. He’s worked on projects for #1 New York Times and Wall Street bestselling authors with millions of books sold, like Ryan Holiday and Robert Greene.

He lives in Portland, Oregon.


One of the really cool things about Discovery is that, just by signing up, you’ll be automatically signed up for different sweepstakes as they come along. I’ll update this page with each giveaway / rules / details when they’re happening.

As of right now, there’s no giveaways happening (last one was a Powell’s $100 gift card), but stick around on the list—I’ve got cool stuff in the hopper.

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Mohnish Soundararajan

Mohnish Soundararajan is the author of the upcoming science fiction thriller novel “Signal”, and creator of Discovery.